The Wonder of Reincarnation-(心の指針122英訳及び朗読) (A Guide for the Mind 122)

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“Morning Call from Angel” is an inspirational radio program broadcasted by 36 radio stations in Japan and in Hawaii.

“A Guide for the Mind” is a spiritual poem written by Ryuho Okawa, who is a founder of Happy Science.

This is “A Guide for the Mind 122 - The Wonder of Reincarnation” read by a Japanese woman.

The Wonder of Reincarnation - (A Guide for the Mind 122)

Those who have read many of my books
may always be curious about the theme of ‘reincarnation’.

when you think of the reincarnation of great figures,
your mind will drift away from this world and be immersed in the wonder of the Spirit World.

You may think that your soul might even be an ‘Angel of Light’
who has played an important role in the great universe.

But hold on…
Even if the philosophy of reincarnation is true,
99.9% of people do not actually appear
in the textbooks of Japanese history
or in the textbooks of world history.

Dreams can continue on as mere dreams,
but the most important thing is your life right now.

Do your best and live each day to the fullest.

Great figures are born from the accumulation of each and every single day
and are not decided by your DNA,
nor are they decided by a 100% fixed fate before birth.

By looking at how you have lived and your accomplishments,
people around you will ultimately make the decision.


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