A Bridge to the Universe - (心の指針129英訳及び朗読) (A Guide for the Mind 129)

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“Morning Call from Angel” is an inspirational radio program broadcasted by 36 radio stations in Japan and in Hawaii.

“A Guide for the Mind” is a spiritual poem written by Ryuho Okawa, who is a founder of Happy Science.

This is “A Guide for the Mind 129 - A Bridge to the Universe” read by a Japanese woman.

A Bridge to the Universe - (A Guide for the Mind 129)

I wonder what has happened.

One day, around 20 years since the foundation of our organization,
I felt the universe drawing closer to me.

It feels like various galactic systems are heading and gathering toward Earth.

According to space science, ever since the Big Bang occurred more than 13 billion years ago, the stars are expanding and scattering into the far distant.

Even so,
I think invisible are watching closely on how Buddha’s Truth that is being taught on Earth is spreading, and on whether the new civilization will catch up with the one the advanced space people have in the universe.

Somehow we are living in an age of dawn where we are building a new civilization that transcends the past seven largest civilizations in the history of Earth.

I do not know if I really have the mission to guide space people as well.

But by thinking that we, Earth people, are also members of the universe will start to build a bridge to the universe.


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